DW 5000 Series Accelerator Double Bass Drum Pedal with Bag

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Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP5002AD4
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We’ve reengineered the pedal which established the standing for innovation plus standard. Because innovation is piece of the DNA you thought it was time for several main improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp. The 5000 required more gripping strength, providing a stronger connection between your drummer plus kick drum. So, you developed the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp. Three independent 360 degree, rotating rubber pads firmly pinch virtually any diameter plus width bass drum counter hoop within the top plus the bottom, with zero slippage. Add to a unique textured rubber grip pad found on the base plate plus you think you’ll agree which there’s not been a greater program for attaching a pedal to a bass drum. Last, yet not least, you sought to better found on the smoothness plus feel of the 5000, when that has been even possible. To accomplish this, you added a Dual Bearing Spring Rocker, creating the 5000 faster plus more sensitive.

Model: DWCP5002AD4
Manufacturer: DW

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