Yamaha CP88 Stage Piano

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CP73 and 88 feature six grand pianos the Yamaha C7, C3, and four premium concert grands in the CFX, S700, CF3 and the Bösendorfer Imperial 290. Through meticulous recording and voicing, these unique pianos now bring a variety of tone, dynamics and character to any performance.[ CFX ] The result of over seventeen years in development, the Yamaha CFX, our flagship concert grand piano. With clear highs, powerful bass and incredibly dynamic range, the CFX boasts the strength to project over a full symphony orchestra.[ BÖSENDORFER IMPERIAL 290 ] Bösendorfer is currently the only manufacturer in the world still practicing the Viennese handcrafted design tradition to the rich tonal characteristics of the “Viennese Sound.” Their 9.5’ 8-octave Imperial 290 model features extended bass notes for warm bass and natural treble.[ S700 ] Built by Yamaha master artisans, the S700 is a handcrafted acoustic grand piano with the power to cut through dense arrangements and the control to remain expressive in solo and sparse settings. A staple from the S90 ES stage synthesizer and MOTIF ES music production synthesizer, the S700 remains one of the most popular grand piano Voices available today.[ NASHVILLE C3 : OS v1.4 ] The Nashville C3 is a small but character-rich grand piano engineered in conjunction with our Sound Design and Artist Relations teams. The piano was recorded in our Yamaha Entertainment Group Studios and processed with real analog tape for a distinctive vibe and character.[ CF3 : OS v1.3 and 1.4 ] New to OS v1.4, the classic CF3 sound from the Yamaha CP300 stage piano is well-known among professional musicians. A excellent fit for both pop and gospel music, players will find that the CF3 offers the powerful sound they’re looking for. CP OS v1.3 and CP OS v1.4 add different sound variations of this highly requested piano.[ C7 : OS v1.1 ] The Yamaha C7 holds the honor of being the most recorded piano in music history. Not only does its signature sound cut through dense mixes to work well with any kind of music requiring a bright piano, but the C7 also features an exceptionally expressive soft layer as well.

Model: CP88
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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