The Anatomy of a Solid-Body Guitar and Why You Should Get One

Rock stars through the decades have used electric guitars to play the best songs of our time. Be a part of the narrative once you know the anatomy of a solid-body guitar and why you should get one. Find out here what makes a solid-body guitar the superior choice.

What Is a Solid-Body Guitar?

Several different types of guitars are available because different manufacturers have tried to create their own versions. Common styles include hollow-body, semi-hollow-body, and solid-body. Solid-body electric guitars are most popular due to their versatility and sound quality.

Parts of a Solid Body Guitar

The Body

One of the most important aspects of any guitar is the body. It affects the sound and houses most of the guitar’s controls, such as the pickups and output jack. Typically made from a single piece of wood, solid-body guitars can come in just about any shape or size.

The Neck

The neck and fingerboard are where the strings are housed. Steel strings are arranged smallest to largest so that you can create the best chords.

The shape of the neck gives you different playing options. Some shapes are designed for comfort, while a thin neck may allow you to play faster.

The Headstock

This piece anchors the strings in place with tuners and the nut. Like the other parts of a guitar, it’s made from a solid piece of wood. The headstock typically includes the brand name, so if you use a Fender solid-body electric guitar, you’ll see the Fender logo on your instrument’s headstock.

The Bridge

The bridge is a metal piece on the body of the guitar that allows you to change the tension of the strings and tune the entire instrument at once. Multiple types of bridges exist, allowing you to try different techniques with your music.


Located on the body of the guitar, pickups give guitars their sound. Each pickup is wrapped with coil, which picks up vibrations from the strings to produce a sound. You can control which pickups to use to control the sound of your electric guitar.

Reasons To Buy a Solid-Body Guitar

Solid-body guitars are the most versatile style. You can perform many fun and unique tricks with an electric guitar that you couldn’t with an acoustic, and the sound is customizable. Furthermore, electric guitars produce a longer-lasting sound once amplified. Once you understand the anatomy of a solid-body guitar and why you should get one, you’ll be motivated to experiment with yours all the time. Find the electric guitar that speaks to your inner rock star when you shop at Mundt Music.