Gretch G6229TG Limited Edition Players Edition Sparkle Jet BT with Bigsby and Gold Hardware, Ebony Fingerboard, Champagne Sparkle Electric Guitar

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For over 65 years the Gretsch Jet has fueled stages and studios, producing some of the greatest sounds in rock 'n' roll history. The all-new G6229TG Limited Edition Players Edition Sparkle Jet BT with Bigsby and Gold Hardware is the culmination of over half a century of tonal and performance magic, delivered in two new head-turning finishes Champagne Sparkle or Ocean Turquoise Sparkle with black pickguards. Chambered Mahogany Bodies Thick and Acoustically Rich Each Jet BT begins with a select mahogany body with maple top that produces a strong, balanced mid-range, while the chambered body delivers a smooth attack and extended bandwidth that is remarkably wide and harmonically rich. Broad'Tron BT65 Pickups Power & Fidelity This powerful platform is fueled by Gretsch Broad'Tron BT65 pickups. Designed by the famed Tim Shaw, the BT65 meticulously captures the guitar's sonic palette and reproduces powerful mids, extended lows and an exceptionally clear, yet smooth high end. The result is the perfect mixture of wall-shaking power and full-spectrum fidelity that delivers unparalleled overdrive and shimmering cleans all at the stomp of a switch. Players Edition Comfort, Control & PerformanceResponding to players' need for increased comfort, the Jet BT features a lowered neck set that greatly improves fret-hand mobility while also giving the picking hand a closer approach, increasing comfort and accuracy. Our new full-access rolled cutaway and tapered heel allows the free access to upper frets without awkward pivoting or palm obstruction. This sleek design remains hidden, preserving a vintage aesthetic a critical feature that is meant to be felt, not seen. The Jet BT comes equipped with additional Players Edition features that give you total control of your tone and performance, including no-load master tone pot with Squeezebox capacitor, master volume with treble bleed circuit and individual pickup volume controls.

Model: 2403410816
Manufacturer: Gretsch

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