Shure 503BG Dynamic Microphone Gooseneck Mountable

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Developed for computer voice recognition applications, the 503BG microphone offers excellent voice fidelity while reducing background noise. Also use the 503BG in other close-talking applications such as paging and talkback.

The 503BG features a low-impedance, moving coil type transducer with an integral humbucking coil and an attached two-conductor shielded cable with a built-in strain relief. It produces a frequency response with an essentially constant output voltage over the voice spectrum when used close to the sound source.

The 503BG's case is aluminum with a black enamel finish. It mounts to a gooseneck, a fixed pipe or a microphone stand using a standard 5/8"-27 thread. To secure the mounted BG503, tighten the 4-40 screw with the supplied #4 Allen (hex-head) wrench.


  • Optimized performance in voice processing and computer voice recognition applications.
  • Smooth frequency response with excellent fidelity in the voice range.
  • Cardioid pickup pattern and close-talking operation keep unwanted signals and background noise at low levels.
  • Constant output over voice spectrum when close-talked.
  • Humbucking coil minimizes undesirable hum effects such as CRT interference.
  • Low-impedance design permits long cable runs in extreme hum fields.
  • Small unobtrusive design does not interfere with CRT visibility.
  • Rugged and reliable for years of consistent operation.


For best performance, speak as close to the 503BG as comfort permits. A distance of 1 to 5 cm (0.4 to 2 inches) provides the greatest discriminations between voice and background noise.

Model: 503BG
Manufacturer: Shure

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