Yamaha GC-2 Pol. Ebony 5'8" Classic Collection Grand Piano

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Yamaha GC2- 5'8" Classic Collection Series Availible finishes - Polished or Satin ebony , Polished Mahogany , Satin American Walnut , & Polished White. * The beautiful new GC2 combines the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the world renown C2 - Conservatory , with the unmistakable precision and detail of the Classic Collection Series pianos. With the addition of a middle pedal sostenuto , the GC2 Classic is a grand that's both exceptionally expressive and appealing to players of all styles of music . Wonderful for performance or house of worship , as well as for enjoyment of the piano in the comfort of your home. Yamaha Grand Pianos include a matching duet bench , with a 10 yr. warranty and professional delivery service availible. * Mundt Music Co. of Longview is a dealer of Yamaha Pianos for over 45 yrs.

Model: GC2PE
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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