Earthquaker Night Wire Harmonic Tremolo Effect Pedal

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A few more words from Stillman: "As for tremolo, the Hummingbird is a pretty unique ramp wave tremolo. It's not your typical amp-style sine wave that's really smooth and natural. It has a pretty distinctive "ping" to it. The Night Wire is a harmonic tremolo that is kind of a mix between a phaser, filter, and a tremolo. Again, it's a very distinctive sound that can't be achieved by simply combining those types of stand-alone effects together. The Hummingbird would fall under Amplitude Modulation, and the Night Wire would fall under Phase Modulation and Amplitude Modulation.Night Wire

The other EQD tremolo is a bit more versatile. It's harmonic, so it splits the signal and puts it through two EQ filters and then through an LFO. That makes for a versatile tremolo that you can use in several ways. The Frequency toggle is its not-so-secret weapon. In Attack mode, your tremolo speed reacts to the heft of your pick attack, and you can use the Rate control to solely determine the tremolo speed. You can also use the LFO as a constant sweep in conjunction with the Frequency knob (LFO Mode) or use Manual mode and simply dial in the exact sound you want. It can function as a traditional tremolo, and you can also use it as an ersatz auto-wah using the Frequency, Rate, and Depth knobs in manual mode.

Manufacturer: EarthQuaker

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