Brief Introduction to Guitar Pedals

- 7/20/2021 2:27:16 PM
If you’ve ever seen your favorite guitarist rock out live on stage, you probably noticed that they had pedals at their feet. These devices provide musicians with heightened amounts of control over their sound by allowing them to produce a series of different effects while playing. In fact, they’re what’s behind many of the most iconic-sounding songs in our playlists to this very day. So, if you want to produce some of these tones in your own music, you must understand what options exist. Here’s a brief introduction to guitar pedals.
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The Best Types of Microphones for Singers and Musicians

- 7/13/2021 11:47:19 AM
As a musician, you want your recorded sound to be as true to reality as possible. To achieve this goal, you will need a high-quality studio microphone that will capture every aspect of your voice or instrument. If you need to figure out where you should start, read ahead and learn about the best types of microphones for singers and musicians.
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Essential Guitar Techniques Every Guitarist Should Master

- 7/2/2021 12:11:23 PM
Anyone who plays the guitar knows that playing it feels awkward in the beginning. Your hands must adjust to the chord shapes, your fingers need to build callouses, and your hand-eye coordination must work with two hands simultaneously. But after a while, everything starts to come together. As you begin to build your skills, you should spend time mastering the basics. Here are the essential guitar techniques every guitarist should master.
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The Anatomy of a Guitar

- 6/22/2021 12:32:50 PM
The guitar is an incredible instrument that people play with nuanced flair. But every iconic track begins with the guitar itself and how it shapes the sound. While there are dozens of differences and styles out there, every guitar has the same essential elements. Here is the anatomy of a guitar.
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A Beginner’s Guide: What To Consider Before Purchasing Your First Guitar

- 6/18/2021 1:29:59 PM
While not every instrument is the same, they all have one thing in common: instruments bring vibrancy and creativity right to your fingertips. Even as a beginner, you can learn how to play thoughtful keystrokes or soulful strums. However, you will need an instrument to play on. When you look for your first instrument, especially something like a guitar, you should know what to look for. So, here is what to consider before purchasing your first guitar.
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Tube Amp vs. Solid State Amp: A Quick Look at the Differences

- 6/16/2021 8:19:56 AM
Whether you are a beginner instrumentalist or a recording artist, you want your work to sound as good as possible. Amplifiers take whatever sound you create and make it louder for all to enjoy. Here is a quick look at the differences between tube amps vs. solid state amps.
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