Strymon TimeLine Multidimensional Delay Pedal

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12 Inspiring Stereo Delays with 30-second Looper The Strymon TimeLine's lush and inspiring delays and simple control layout may make you want to leave your valuable and vintage pedals at home. The TimeLine features 12 delay machines with dedicated hardware controls for real-time tweaking, along with 200 factory presets for instant inspiration. Dial in a delay you like, edit it, then save and name it. Filter and Grit knobs let you control the shape and distortion artifacts of repeats for sounds that range from studio clean to vintage analog to early digital. The TimeLine's onboard stereo looper records up to 30 seconds of audio for you to jam over for live performances or use to experiment with new delay effects. Strymon TimeLine Delay Pedal at a Glance: 12 delay machines with dedicated controls and 200 presets for a wide range of sounds 30-second looper lets you jam over parts or experiment with delays Strymon: a philosophy of quality 12 delay machines with dedicated controls and 200 presets for a wide range of sounds Each delay type in the Strymon TimeLine is fully independent and unique. Delays modeled after analog bucket brigade pedals and tape echo machines, along with unique filtered synth-y delays and bit-crushed transistor delays, provide a comprehensive experience that will make tone tweakers smile. But if you're the type of player who wants to dive in, find a sound, and roll with it, the TimeLine's 200 factory presets cover a wide range of ground from blues to metal to experimental. 30-second looper lets you jam over parts or experiment with delays The TimeLine's stereo looper is a powerful stage performance tool. It's also a handy creative tool for workshopping melodies, harmonies, and delay tones. Record a part up to 30 seconds in length, loop it, then play over top of it. The TimeLine's looper lets you select its place in the signal chain, either before or after delay effects. Strymon: a philosophy of quality Strymon pedals are already an industry standard in professional-quality effects. Strymon is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and, in their own words, making "gear that sounds better than anything you've ever heard." The California-based company uses only the highest-quality components and powerful processors in their pedals. And each design offers more tweakable parameters than meets the eye for fine-tuning your tone. This construction and dedication to quality are the reasons Sweetwater is impressed with Strymon, and why you can find their pedals on the boards of professional musicians around the world. Strymon TimeLine Delay Pedal Features: Includes 12 unique delay machines Delay tones range from clean to creative to dirty 200 factory presets for quick inspiration Dedicated hardware knobs let you dial in a delay sound in no time Additional menu-driven controls provide even greater tone shaping options Edit, save, and name your favorite presets for instant recall Tap switch lets you lock into the tempo of a song Stereo ins and outs for deluxe stage and studio sounds Adjustable 3dB boost/cut for each setting keeps your clean and effects levels consistent Durable aluminum chassis True-bypass relay keeps the TimeLine from sucking tone when disengaged Onboard SHARC DSP (the same used by UAD) for powerful processing 24-bit/96kHZ A/D/A conversion 32-bit floating point processing Expression pedal input MIDI in/thru Includes 9-volt DC power supply Note: May require a firmware update for compatibility with MultiSwitch. Click Here for more information. Get endless delay options and a powerful 30-second looper in the Strymon TimeLine pedal! Delay Pedal Electric Effects Pedal Acoustic Effects Pedal

Model: TML
Manufacturer: Strymon

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