Knilling Bucharest Deluxe Outfit 4/4 with Perfection Pegs

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For over four decades the Bucharest line of instruments has been the flagship of the Knilling line. Crafted from spruce and maple harvested in the Carpathian Mountains, Bucharest instruments are world-renowned for their tonal brilliance and structural stability. Bucharest instruments are further enhanced by the ability to add Perfection geared pegs and come with D’Addario strings. These features allow the developing player to shape their sounds and grow at their own pace without fighting the instrument. The complete Bucharest outfit includes a Union Station ABS shaped case and Glasser standard Fiberglass bow.

The Bucharest Series is the flagship of the entire Knilling line. Each Bucharest instrument begins its journey in the mountains of Romania and is crafted from naturally seasoned Carpathian spruce and maple. Revered the world over for its purity, Carpathian spruce and maple has a tonal clarity and level of consistency rarely found in other tonewoods. Each Bucharest instrument is crafted in Romania and then receives a full precision adjustment in the Knilling String Shop. Students and teachers all over the world rely on Bucharest in their orchestras.

Model: P5K
Manufacturer: Knilling

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