fishman acoustic pickup for classical 1/8" spacing

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Transform Your Favorite Acoustic Into a Stage-ready Instrument! The Fishman AGX-312 is an under-saddle piezo pickup. It doesn't require a battery, and fits discreetly under your acoustic guitar's saddle. The AGX-312 captures every ounce of your guitar's resonance and character. Every note you play oozes with lush textures and rich tonality. Plug straight into your amp, or use an impedance-matching preamp to achieve maximum performance. Install a Fishman AGX-312 under-saddle pickup on your acoustic guitar, and hit the stage with confidence! Fishman — 25 years of innovative acoustic amplification Fishman has been synonymous with technical innovation in acoustic amplification for 25 years, and the great products just keep on coming! Acoustic musicians, performers, and sound technicians alike rely on Fishman pickups, preamps, pedals, and amplifiers to accurately reproduce the natural tones of acoustic instruments while benefiting from their ease of use, stage- and studio-friendly designs, and road-ready reliability. Fishman gives you an incredible range of top-quality products to choose from.

Model: PROAGX312
Manufacturer: Fishman

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