Cool Picks "Cat Tongue" Nylon Pick .60MM Thick 6 Pack

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SKU:  ae00-20742^COOLCAT060
Manufacturer Part #:  COOLCAT060
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THE DESIGN CONCEPT! Cats are well balanced, quick in response and very precise in their movements. They are extremely agile & flexible. These are all qualities, which a great guitar pick strives to achieve and you have found it in our COOLCAT pick. THE SECRET: Every COOLCAT pick has been engineered to exact specifications, and tolerances through our secret molding process. This process is the key to producing the super fine “Cat tongue Matrix Grip” which makes this Cool pick the absolute hands down grippiest pick in the World! This pick will stay exactly where you place it in your fingers. If you have moist or sweaty fingers, this pick should be your preferred choice for a great sound and awesome gripping power.

Model: COOLCAT060
Manufacturer: Cool Music

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