Knilling 4/4 Cello Bucharest Solid Carved Outfit with Perfection Pegs

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Knilling Bucharest instruments continue to be a preferred choice of string programs and players throughout the United States, offering exceptional value, quality of sound, beauty and durability. Handcrafted in Romania out of thoroughly seasoned, select European tonewoods with pleasing figure, these fully solid carved instruments are meticulously crafted and expertly finished, and feature inlaid purfling and lining, fitted corner blocks, and genuine ebony fittings throughout. Adjusted in our Knilling Custom Shop with premium components, which include German-made, patented Buschman string adjusters or Perfection planetary pegs, Bucharest instruments represent an affordable yet extremely high quality, attractive instrument with superior tone, easy playability, and exceptional stability for ease of maintenance and longevity. The complete outfit features a deluxe padded cover and Glasser fiberglass bow with white horsehair.

Model: P15744
Manufacturer: Knilling

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