Zildjian 18" A Custom Brilliant Crash

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SKU:  ae00-23036^A20516
Manufacturer Part #:  A20516
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The A Custom Series offers radical, innovative rotary hammering techniques, along with special thin weights. The A Custom Crash cymbal is Natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beautiful warm undertones. Specifications: Type: Crash, Size: 18 in. / 45.72 cm Weight: Thin Finish: Brilliant Bell Size: Medium Profile: Medium-Low Pitch: Low to Mid Sound: Mid Volume: General Balance: Blend Sustain: Long Skill Level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional The perfect addition to any drummer's gear collection. Zildjian 18" Crash Cymbals

Model: A20516
Manufacturer: Zildjian

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