Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne Ergo-Rider Hydraulix w/Cloth Top Seat

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Get a premium drum throne for a great price with TAMA's HT750BC Ergo-Rider Hydraulix. Part of TAMA's 1st Chair series, the Ergo-Rider Hydraulix features the comfortable ergonomics of a hybrid half-round/half-saddle seat. The seat top itself is made from a special non-slip fabric that wicks away sweat, and a 2-piece locking hinge collar system provides an amazingly secure connection between your seat and the base of the throne. In addition to its low center of gravity (courtesy of TAMA's Super Stabilizer design) and oversized rubber feet, this Round Rider includes a Hydraulix mechanism that makes height adjustment easy. Value-packed 1st Chair drum thrones deliver comfort and stability Lifelong musicians are quick to recognize great value when they see it, which is why we're so excited about TAMA's 1st Chair drum thrones. As a drummer, you spend the most amount of time with the piece of your kit you think about the least - your drum throne - that is, as long as it's doing its job. From its plush padding to its extra-large rubber feet and double-braced legs, the comfort and stability you'll get from your Ergo-Rider Hydraulix 1st Chair drum throne will keep your mind off your seat and in the groove.

Model: HT750BC
Manufacturer: Tama

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