Electro Voice EVOLVE 50M Portable Powered Column System

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The Electro Voice EVOLVE 50M is a versatile, ultra compact PA system that's perfect for small and medium sized venues. Packing 1,000 watts of power, the EVOLVE 50M can be used on its own by solo artists or daisy chained with other units for larger venues with ensembles. This PA system consists of three major parts: a potent 12 inch woofer, a lightweight aluminum sub pole, and a column array with eight 3.5 inch neodymium drivers. The EVOLVE 50M has a proprietary waveguide design that provides 120° of horizontal coverage and 40° of vertical coverage to ensure that the back of the house will always hear your mix. It has an onboard 8 channel digital mixer that can handle microphones, guitars, instruments, and many more.

Model: EVOLVE50M
Manufacturer: Electro Voice

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