Bogner Ecstasy Mini 30-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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The original Bogner Ecstasy, released in 1992, is iconic in heavy rock circles. Though it was popularized and preferred by rock and metal artists (Steve Vai and Brad Whitford were among famous users), its ability to move from heavy Brit distortion to Fender-like near-clean tones made it appealing beyond hard-edged circles. Even notorious tone scientist Eric Johnson was enamored with its capabilities.The Ecstasy mini amp head has realized the sound of "Ecstasy Head", which has been reigning as the highest peak of Bogner amps since its introduction in 1992, in a compact size. A solid-state power amplifier in an ultra-lightweight body of about 1.8 kg, you can obtain a sound far beyond what you would imagination win a 30 W amp. Taking advantage of its lightness and mobility, you can carry it to a live stage and use it, or you can play it at the optimum volume for home practice by reducing the volume.

Manufacturer: Bogner

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