Takamine GLENN FREY EF360GF Acoustic Electric Guitar

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ake it Easy’ was my introduction. Didn’t know his name, but he had the coolest voice I’d ever heard on the radio. The guitars sounded like god and when the harmonies kicked in, I was atomically reorganized. I bought that first Eagles album but no singing credits were listed. Took me a while to find out that cool voice belonged to a guy named Glenn Frey. Fast forward 20 years. Bobby Thompson, founder of N. Hollywood’s, ‘Third Encore’, Nashville’s ‘Soundcheck’ and ex Eagles tour-dog is driving me to the Frey home in Los Angeles. Seems Glenn was a longtime Takamine fan and wanted to talk guitars. We were introduced and for the next hour, sitting around his kitchen table, that’s what we did. He told me how he’d been turned-on to Takamine around 1980 by Fred Walicky of Westwood Music in LA and how prior to that, playing acoustic live meant wrestling with mic feedback or tolerating crappy sounding sound-hole pickups. Takamine had just come out with its revolutionary Palathetic pickup and Fred suspected it might be the solution to Glenn’s dilemma. Fred was right and Glenn became one of the first major artists ever to perform with the new acoustic-electric Takamine. By 1982 artists like David Lindley, Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder, Sreve Lukather and Nancy Wilson were appearing along with Glenn in Takamine’s domestic catalog. A rare circa 1982 photograph shows Glenn being presented an early Palathetic pickup model PT-015-ST by Takamine’s now legendary leader and master luthier, Mass Hirade.

Model: EF360GF
Manufacturer: Takamine

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