PreSonos CDL12P Powered Line Array Speaker

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The Power of Consistency CDL12P: Full Range, 15 x 120 Degree, Constant Directivity Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker The CDL that fits your venue AND your budget. The CDL12 loudspeakers impressed ears around the world when we introduced them, thanks in no small part to their unique, patent-pending driver design that fills venues with consistent, articulate speech and music reproduction without sacrificing consistent SPL. Now that same constant-directivity performance is available in the new CDL12P, a lighter-weight design ideal for touring bands and mobile DJs who want the same scalability and sonic performance in portable design. What’s so great about constant directivity? Like the CDL12, CDL12P is the result of years of research and development, combining the best attributes of point source and line array technology into a unique patent-pending design. Based on the Constant-Directivity Two-Way Loudspeaker System design presented at the 143rd AES Convention in New York by Hugh Sarvis and Don Keele, the CDL12P radiates a highly focused pattern with consistent SPL throughout the frequency response range, both on- and off-axis. The result is clear, articulate speech intelligibility and natural music reproduction.

Model: CDL12P
Manufacturer: PreSonus

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