Monster Classic 21' Instrument Cable

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Manufacturer Part #:  CLASI21WW
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SUPERIOR SOUND: Monster changed the game for audio cables everywhere, back then cables were just an afterthought before Monster stepped it up. Designed to further enhance the nuances of a player's style and equipment, Monster Cables are nothing if not the best that the industry has to offer. A BLAST FROM THE PAST: Enjoy the slick and classic quality that Monster has been known for since the 70s; the Monster Classic cables bring back the sounds and style of the 70s but better than ever with industry defining design and quality. AFFORDABLE: Why settle for more expensive cables when you can have top of the line industry defining cables for a justified and affordable cost? Monster's quality cables are not only affordable but they also make sure that you get your money's worth. RELIABLE AND DURABLE: Made with a durable outer jacket to resist cuts and slicing, all metal connectors, a 90% copper shielding, and lightweight flexibility Monster's top of the line classic cables are reliable and durable enough to make you a Monster for life!

Model: CLASI21WW
Manufacturer: Monster Cable

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