Boss RE-202 Space Echo Effect Pedal

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Introduced in 1974, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands among the most legendary and sought-after effect units ever produced. This tape based classic remained in production for over 14 straight years, and its distinctive rhythmic echo sounds, warm character, and highly playable sonic quirks still inspire musicians, producers, and audio mixers over four decades on. Standard Features Authentically recreates the sound and behavior of the legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo Classic multi-head tape echo sound with expanded delay time Original three-head configuration plus additional tape head for 12 unique echo combinations Independent stereo reverb section with original spring reverb type plus hall, plate, room, and ambience Saturation control for adding magnetic tape compression and preamp coloration Wow & Flutter control for introducing varying levels of natural tape modulation Choose between new and aged tape conditions Selectable input modes for optimum performance with instruments and line-level gear Warp and Twist effects with footswitch control Select between the unprocessed analog dry signal or the modeled sound of the original Space Echo preamp Four onboard memories plus the current panel settings Save and select 127 memories via external MIDI program change Tap tempo and carryover functions True stereo input and output Expandable control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI Tape Echo Magic Tape echo was the first delay effect and one of the first effect processors available for electronic musicians. In contrast with today’s CPU-based digital units, a tape echo is a simple machine that uses a motor to pull magnetic tape across one or more record/playback heads. Warm, full, and dynamic, the tape echo sound is influenced by many factors. The ever-changing input level colors the sound with varying amounts of tape saturation and compression. In addition, motor speed fluctuations, friction, wow and flutter, and other elements introduce an appealing modulated character that’s subtle and continually evolving.

Model: RE202
Manufacturer: Boss

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