Countryman H6CABLELSR Light Beige Cable for Sennheiser

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The H6CABLEL-SR is wired with a 3.5mm locking connector for the Sennheiser Evolution Series, EW100, EW300, EW500, G2, G3, SK 1093 bodypack transmitters. The H6 Headset Snap-On Cables allow you to interface your H6 Omni or Directional Headset to a wireless transmitter, digital recorder, or XLR input with phantom power. The cables detach at the headset with a tightly-sealed moisture-resistant connector, which means that a worn cable can be replaced in a matter of seconds, for a fraction of the cost of getting a new mic. Countryman offers H6 Snap-On Cables in four colors: light beige, tan, cocoa, and black. The cables are very slim, at only 1.2mm diameter, and will virtually disappear when worn. At the same time, they've designed the cables to be extremely rugged, with a break strength of over 44 lbs (20 kg), and extreme flex life as well. With detachability at the headset, and a robust cable and connector design, Countryman's sure that the H6 Headset will not only be the greatest sounding, lightest-weight headset mic in the world, but also an exceptional value with a low overall cost of ownership.

Manufacturer: Countryman

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