Countryman H6DW6TSL Tan Headset For Shure

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Manufacturer Part #:  H6DW6TSL
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The Countryman H6 directional wireless headset microphone is perfect for houses of worship, theaters, broadcasters, and presenters. Combining the exceptional isolation and natural sound quality of the E6 capsule on a lightweight, comfortable, and secure headframe design, the H6 is an ideal choice for acoustically challenging situations. The H6 features a new sealed connector with exceptional moisture resistance, a slim and nearly indestructable cable, polar pattern adjustment caps. Lowest profile headset mic in the world with 0.1-inch (2.5-mm) diameter capsule. The headframe can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and the mic boom slides to get the perfect fit. Stainless steel tubing and wire provide maximal durability in a sleek design. The boom slides independently of the earloops to place the mic right at the mouth. Both earloops slide in and out to achieve a comfortable and secure fit on the head. Supplied with a 5-feet H6 snap-on cable, carrying case, windscreen, black and white collar clips, and protective caps.

Model: H6DW6TSL
Manufacturer: Countryman

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