Pearl Monotosto Magnesium Tube Snare Carriei by Randall May International

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The RM-MVT-HS Championship Magnesium Tube Flip-up Snare Drum Carrier with a Contour Hinge allows independent adjustment to conform to both the upper and lower torso of the player. It locks precisely in place with a single tension bolt, allows the retrofit of all MAY Tubular carriers , and features the inflatable MAY Comfort Air system with adjustable backbar for complete control over firmness for increased comfort. The hinge allows the carrier to be folded for storage in small spaces such as a backpack or locker. The RM-MVT-HS has an ultra-light, free-floating polycarbonate abdomen plate that transfers minimal weight to the player. It includes an adjustable FFSA snare attachment for all free-floating snares. One size fits all.

Manufacturer: Pearl

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