Bad Cat Cub 1x12 Combo 40W EL34 Guitar Amp

Price: $2,099.99
SKU:  ae00-27326^BCP2101K112120V
Manufacturer Part #:  BCP2101K112120V
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For the ultimate in tonal diversity and simplicity, The USA Player Series Cub offers the ability to select between a 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube and delivers that classic British tone in spades.A selectable tone stack boost in both modes to give this pure single channel amp four unique gain stages. It can achieve everything from the traditional Cub 12AX7 chime to complex EF86 gain tones.A two button footswitch to select the EF86 or 12AX7 pre-amp tube and engage the boost is included.

Model: BCP2101K112120V
Manufacturer: Bad Cat

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