Bad Cat Hot Cat 1x12 Combo Guitar Amp

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SKU:  ae00-27327^BCP2205K112120V
Manufacturer Part #:  BCP2205K112120V
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The award winning Hot Cat amp was introduced in 2005 to great accolade. As pleased as we are with the original, the time had come for a whole new Hot Cat. We took everything we have learned over the last 20 years and applied it to this limitless reimagining of the Hot Cat.

A two channel amplifier now with two gain modes per channel, the Hot Cat provides virtually limitless gain combinations as well as studio quality reverb, and an all new fully buffered effects loop.


  • Designed and Built in Southern California

  • 45W - 2x EL34 in Fixed-Bias Class AB Configuration

  • Two Channel

  • Lo and Hi Gain Modes

  • Two Discrete, Gain and Volume Controls per Channel

  • Global Master, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence Controls

  • Studio Quality Reverb

  • Buffered Effects Loop

Model: BCP2205K112120V
Manufacturer: Bad Cat

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