Stringjoy Signatures Bass VI Balanced Medium Gauge 24-90 Nickel Wound Guitar Strings

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Bass VI’s are powerful, unique instruments that bridge the space between the playability of a guitar and the low-end power of a bass. But there’s one big problem with Bass VIs—it’s next to impossible to find good strings for them.

Not only are Bass VI string sets hard to find, but the sets that you can find are usually completely out of whack with respect to tension—the middle is has a bit too much tension, and the bottom has far too little.

Well, with Stringjoy Bass VI strings, we addressed all those long-standing issues to come up with a string set that is meant to play and sound perfect on the Bass VI. All Stringjoy Bass VI strings are Nickel Wound, and feature normal guitar-sized ball ends

Model: SJBVI2490
Manufacturer: Stringjoy

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