Allen & Heath SQ-5 48 Channel Digital Mixer

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Speed Up Your Workflow

All SQ mixers feature SoftKeys which can be assigned to commonly used functions. The SQ-6 and SQ-7 also provide assignable Soft Rotaries for even more custom control.

Intuitive Control

SQ’s dashboard is centred around a high-res 7” touchscreen, framed by an array of high-grip, illuminating encoders to create an intuitive, integrated blend of clear visual feedback and immediate, hands-on control.

Drag-and-Drop Layout

Channels and mixes can be dragged and dropped to any strip, with custom naming and colour coding on the displays, allowing you to build a mixing environment that works for you.

At-a-Glance Metering

Each strip features our patented Chromatic channel metering system, giving you at-a-glance level indication thanks to LEDs with variable brightness and colour.

Powerful Processing

Every input has HPF, a super-fast gate with sidechain and filter, a musical 4-band parametric equaliser with RTA, and Peak/RMS compressor for control and shaping of levels and transients.

Mixes have both a parametric and 28 band graphic EQ along with compressor as standard, all ready to switch in when required.

World-Class FX

SQ is armed with 8 stereo FX engines and comes complete with the acclaimed RackExtra library, featuring emulations of legendary classic reverbs, gated reverbs, delays, modulators and more.

Every engine has its own dedicated stereo return too, so you don’t need to use up any of your 48 input channels.

Record to USB

The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture and playback 16 channels (96kHz), 32 channels (48kHz), or a stereo recording of the performance direct to a USB key or drive.

No software setup, no soundcard driver issues and no extra laptop to bring to the performance.

Model: SQ-5
Manufacturer: Allen & Heath

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