Ashdown Double Shot Effect Pedal

Ashdown Double Shot Effect Pedal

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Fresh trade in like new with box Ashdown Double shot pedal details below: Elevate your bass playing to a whole new level with the "Double Shot" two-band variable drive pedal. This meticulously crafted pedal is a game-changer for bassists, providing unparalleled control over your tone. Featuring two distinct drive bands, the "Double Shot" allows you to sculpt your sound with precision. The first band lets you dial in the perfect amount of warmth and grit, while the second band adds an extra layer of harmonic richness. This dual-drive approach means you can effortlessly transition from smooth, clean tones to gritty, overdriven goodness, all with a simple twist of a knob. But that's not all – the "Double Shot" is designed with bass players in mind. Its circuitry is optimized for the low-end frequencies, ensuring that your bass's fundamental character remains intact, no matter how much drive you add. With its rugged construction and intuitive controls, the "Double Shot" is built to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a user-friendly experience. Whether you're laying down grooves in the studio or rocking the stage, this pedal is your ticket to sonic excellence. Don't settle for ordinary bass tones; unleash the full potential of your instrument with the "Double Shot" two-band variable drive pedal. Join the ranks of bassists who demand nothing less than excellence in their sound and make the "Double Shot" your secret weapon

Manufacturer: Ashdown

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