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2018 David Karp Piano Festival List
Saturday, April 7, 2018

Division I:

"A First Toccatina" from Take A Break! - Willis
"Juggling" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 1 - FJH
"Lupines" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 1 - FJH
"Morning Prayer" from Solo Souvenirs - FJH
"Song of Spring" from Solo Souvenirs - FJH
"Texas Tacos" from Jubilant Sounds - Alfred

Division II:

"Autumn Rag" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 2 - FJH
"Cool Beat Blues" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 2 - FJH
"Dancing Rain" from Jubilant Sounds - Alfred
"Nocturne in D" from Shades of Time - FJH
"Spanish Garden" from More Solo Souvenirs - FJH
"Tina's Tango" from Solo-ettes - FJH

Division III:

"Blue Tune" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 2 - FJH
"Monday Morning Blues" from Solo-ettes - FJH
"Sam's Song" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 3 - FJH
"Saturday Night Stroll" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 3 - FJH
"Summertime Stroll" from Jazz 'n Such - Willis
"A Time to Remember" from Let's Go Solo Bk. 3 - FJH

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Sixty-third Annual J.S. Bach Piano Festival
Saturday, February 3, 2018

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