Leslie 122-A Speaker Cabinet for Hammond Organ

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SKU:  ae00-16631^122A
Manufacturer Part #:  122A
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The Leslie model 122-A speaker is specifically designed for older Hammond tube style organs requiring a separate tone cabinet for sound reproduction, such as the A,B,C and RT models Model 122-A cabinets require a cable with a 6- pin connection assembly. Older A, B ,or C- style Hammonds that do not have a 6-pin connection, will require the installation of a Leslie modification kit. This kit provides the transition to 6-pin at each cable end , along with new swithing controls to mount at the front of the organ , in place of the older original switch. * Availible in red mahogany , and medium brown walnut finishes , upon order. * Installation and professional delivery service is availible. * Leslie speakers & tone cabinets include a 1- yr. manufacturers warranty.

Model: 122A
Manufacturer: Hammond

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