Baldwin Model R' Amercian Vintage 5'9" Grand Piano 1968 Preowned

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Baldwin 1968' Model R' Amercian vintage 5'9" grand piano preowned. Here we have a wonderful American classic by Baldwin. This model R' is a professional players grand among grands . Famous for being a American workhorse grand piano for demanding players and performance applications , the R' series Baldwin provide tone and projection that is a signature of American manufacturing. This model R' is in a conservative 5'9" cabinet size , which allows for the pleasure of enjoying this conservatory style piano in your home as well . Baldwin would often manufacture anniversary models , and art deco cabinets for their pianos . This preowned Baldwin is in a beautiful white , victorian style cabinet , with decor molding , and does include the original matching duet bench. It has been completely inspected and refurbished , with action regulation and tuning. This is a wonderful heirloom piano that will be a pleasure to play and enjoy , for many years to come .

Manufacturer: Baldwin

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